Termite Control

Traversing Termites

Subterranean TermitesIt is true that termites are beneficial ecologically, as they decompose dead plant material and add nutrients to the soil. However, these same feeding behaviors, so favorable in nature, prove detrimental to our homes. Because termites feed on wood, 24/7 without ever taking a day off, over time they can compromise the whole strength and safety of your residence. And if you think your home is safe because it is made of other materials besides wood, think again! Termites are capable of working their way through metal siding, plaster and other materials as well. Once inside, they will feed on whatever wood they come across. This could include walls, ceilings, cabinets and wooden furniture.

Dave’s Pest Control Knows Termites!

The professionals at Dave’s Pest Control are expertly trained in termite biology, building construction, termite behavior, the use and maintenance of equipment, the proper and safe use of pesticides and complete safety. We always use extensive awareness in the conduct of every job.

Termite Inspection

Most termite damage is hidden. However, termites do have a few secrets to the eyes of the professional technicians at Dave’s Pest Control! Our treatment begins with a thorough termite inspection. While we are inspecting, we seek out conditions that attract termites. We examine your home for concrete cracks, sweating pipes, wood in direct contact with soil and open seams around bath traps. Our technicians know exactly what to look for, from rotted out wood to termite mud tubes and discarded wings. The next step we will take to solve your termite problem is to create a barrier between the termites and your home; effectively blocking them from your house.  There are many techniques and methods available to treat termite infestations and each technique is highly effective when used in the proper circumstance.

Termite Treatments

Termite control services methods include liquid treatments, spot treatments and baiting systems. Termite baiting systems are installed in the ground around the home by an experienced pest control technician. These contain a specific wood that will appeal to any subterranean termite within a limited area around the baiting system in preference to other available material in the area; like your home! Baiting systems are designed to be monitored regularly to detect any termite activity early so that action can be taken to prevent an infestation. Termite baiting is an effective option for home owners.

Dave’s Pest Control provides customized treatments and protection, targeted to your termite infestation. Our mission is 100% total termite eradication and control. Contact us today for a termite inspection!