Guardian Residential Protection Services

Maintain Your Biggest Investment
Your home is your biggest investment. Chances are you’ve protected your investment with a solid homeowners insurance plan. But do you have a protection plan against the threat of nasty home invaders like termites, carpenter ants, and rodents?

Wood-destroying insects like carpenter ants and termites, for example, cost us billions of dollars every year. More than 90% of the homes in the US are wood framed. But even homes built of masonry and steel serve up delicious wood treats and places to live for these pests. Left unchecked, they systematically destroy our homes and valuable wood objects in them. Most homeowners policies do not cover termite and carpenter ant damage. Dave’s Pest Control can help.

Quality Service
At a Reasonable Cost Dave’s trained professionals will thoroughly inspect your home to identify both problem areas and potential problem areas. After determining the best method for eliminating any existing trouble spots and preventing future infestations, Dave and his team will come up with a customized maintenance service program to fit your unique needs. You will receive a detailed written estimate to help you make your decision to do the right thing and protect your home and family.

Dave’s Pest Control prides itself on providing quality personalized pest control service to the local Worcester county community at significantly lower prices than some of the larger corporations.

Mosquito Control
Termite Bait Systems
Rodent Prevention & Elimination FHA and VA Real Estate Inspection
Green Pest Control Program
Customized Maintenance

Programs Pests Covered

  • • Ants
  • • Bats
  • • Bees
  • • Bed Bugs
  • • Birds
  • • Carpenter Ants
  • • Cockroaches
  • • Earwigs
  • • Hornets
  • • Mites
  • • Rodents
  • • Silverfish Spiders
  • • Ticks
  • • Wasps

Guardian Home Protection Standard Program
Guardian Home Protection is Dave’s standard program designed to defend most homes against unwanted pests. Guardian Basic program includes:

  • A thorough inspection of your home and surrounding property
  • Treatment of exterior foundation, eaves, window sills and trees
  • Inside treatment if necessary
  • Reports showing what was done, what materials were used, and what you can do to help us maintain control over the pests at your facility

Customized Service Programs
Since every home is different, Dave’s offers service programs that are tailored to meet your specific pest management needs. Dave’s will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home and surrounding property to identify key problem indicators like colony sources, potential entry points for rodents, evidence of termites, and more. Once identified, Dave’s will recommend the best solution for your specific pest problem.

Real Estate Inspection
If you’re planning on selling or refinancing your home, you will need a wood-destroying insect inspection. FHA and VA Loans require wood destroying insect (WDI) reports prior to financing. Luckily, Dave’s is Wood-Destroying Insect Certified and can help you with this.

For complete details on Dave’s Guardian Home Protection Services, call 1-800-400-6009 to speak to a customer service representative.