Could the Paint Color of Your Home Be Attracting or Repelling Mosquitoes & Pests in Worcester County, MA

Did you know the color paint that you chose for the exterior of your home could be attracting pests? When you decided on a paint color to repaint your home you probably never considered how it may effect the amount of pests that may start heading your way. Color actually plays a huge part in pest control and pest management. There are tips on what colors you should and should not wear outdoors to deter pests so the same goes for the paint color of your home. It is in fact a huge target and a great place for many pests to find food and a place to nest. Have you ever wondered if you chose a color that is asking for pests to come visit? Well there is a way to tell.

Dave’s Pest Control Outlines What Colors Attract Different Types Of Pests in Your Area

What Colors Attract & Repel Mosquitoes?: Mosquito is not a new chic color that is taking the world by storm but a pest! This is such a specialized pest that it needs to be talked about on its own. A mosquito is a pest that causes trouble for many reasons. They tend to swarm around the same time of the evening that most people want to spend outdoors. They also are known for their potential to carry and pass on disease to a person. If they are not carrying a disease, the sting is still an annoyance that no one want to deal with. When it comes to colors and mosquitoes, the experts suggest that you wear light colors if you might be in the same area as mosquitoes. They are drawn to dark colors so if you have your home painted white it is not going to attract mosquitoes as much as if you paint to dark brown. If you have your home painted a darker color then mosquitoes may be heading to your next barbeque.
What Paint Colors Attract & Repel Bugs, Insects & Other Pests?: When you want to talk about the majority of other pests you will need to go the opposite from mosquitoes. Bugs specifically will see colors in a UV spectrum. They see objects in nature that often mean food or shelter; and those objects are usually flowers. Flowers are brightly colored and fragrant so you want to stay away from these same colors when choosing a paint color for your home. If you want to have a yellow or orange house you may find yourself with more pests than your neighbor who chose blue or green. The blues and greens tend to blend in more and won’t be what a pest would potentially flock to. In fact, many people swear by painting porch ceilings pale blue to repel stinging insects such as wasps.

Professional Pest Management

Whatever kind of pests you are dealing with, you should at minimum know what you are attracting. No one is going to go out and change the color of their home as a pest control measure so having a good pest control company is the best option. We can treat your home for common pests in the local neighborhood as well as pests that are specific to your home and yard. Contact us to schedule your next appointment.

Early Signs of Eastern Subterranean Termites in Sturbridge, MA; Swarming Alates, Mud Tubes & More

Termite season is upon us and if you are unlucky enough to live in an area that has these wood damaging pests it’s time to brace yourself. You don’t need to have a stack of wood outside to become the victim of termites. Homes are all framed with wood boards that are perfect for a swarm of termites to feed on. Termites cause a tremendous amount of damage to home each year and the only sure way to treat them is with pest control services. When the weather starts to warm up many pests are coming out. One of those pests are termites and keeping your eye on any swarms flying by is a start in prevention and treatment. There are several signs that you can start to watch for starting this spring.

Dave’s Pest Control Lists Early Signs to Look for When Inspecting for Termites

Termite Swarmers & Discarded Wings: These are the swarms of termites that you will start to see in the early part of the spring. After the weather starts to warm up the termites that are ready to reproduce are called swarmers or alates. They fly out of the nest in search of mating and a place to live. They need to find a place to build a colony and many people will witness these swarms flying by. If you start to see a swarm flying near your home it is best to call a professional to come out and inspect the home.
Termite Mud Tubes: The most common type of termite found in Worcester County, MA is the Eastern subterranean termite. They live in the soil in the ground and will use tunnels to travel from their home to their food source which is often in the walls of your home. The way you see these tunnels is by inspecting for mud tubes. Look along the base of your home for small lines of dirt that lead from the ground up the side of the house. These mud tubes are how the termites are traveling to your home and destroying the wood beams. They need the moisture that is often found in the dry wood and that is why they head back to the soil.
Termite Damaged Wood: Termites not only eat wood that is hidden in the walls of your home but they will feed on any exposed wood. That can be a pile of firewood near your home, a wood shed or even a tree on the property that is dead. You can take a look at the wood around your home to see if there is any damage to it. Termites start by feeding on the interior of the wood and eat their way out so you need to do some investigating for wood damage. You can tap on the wood and listen for hollow sounds. If you hear them, it can mean termite damage.
Termite Frass Droppings: If you have termites around your home you want to look for their droppings. It is called frass and looks like light colored pieces of chewed up wood which is what it really is. The frass will be built up around the area that the termites are living.

Termite Inspections & Control

Dave’s Pest Control offers thorough termite inspections and control treatment to help protect your home this spring season.